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Green Smoothies are one of my Favorite nutrition staples!! They are loaded with super potent vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, fiber, and the list goes on!

Let me break it down for you as easy as possible 🙂

Top 10 Reasons to drink a green smoothie #EVERYDAMNDAY!!

1) One smoothie per day provides the amount of fruit and vegetables your recommended to eat daily. You can fake the family out by adding greens into the smoothies and they will not be able to taste it because the fruit will cover it!

2) FIBER!!! We are supposed to have 30-40 grams of fiber per day. Most people get 10-15 gms per day so that will instantly bump that up!! Fiber is necessary for bathroom regulation & getting the toxins out of the body!! Are you going #2 everyday, multiple times per day?! If not, it’s highly recommended that you get on the green smoothie kick!!

3) Energy!! Wouldn’t you love to have an abundance of energy all day and not crash from high to low by drinking caffeine? Coffee and other stimulants are very acidic and they imbalance the adrenals, which is part of the hormonal system. Our hormones are the ‘master switch’ of our bodies. Going from high to low can stress out our stress response (flight or fight) causing us to become anxious, irritable, impatient, hormonal, dark circles underneath the eyes, and flat out zap our energy!! When we can start our days with lots of water and green smoothies, it will energize & flush you throughout the day!!

4) Increases Your Glow!! Everybody I work with says to me after the first week, ‘I’m getting so many compliments on my skin!!!’ and that’s when I know they are making changes!! Drinking a plant based green smoothie will give you the minerals like magnesium and silica with makes your skin glow!!! These fruits and vegetables have an array of colors & pigments that makes our skin sparkle when consumed on a daily basis!! You are what you eat!!!

5) Enzymes are responsible for you longevity, how fast our bodies heal, breakdown & digest food, and basically every action (blinking your eyes, lifting your arm) that your body is capable of is driven by enzymes. Enzymes reduce as we get older. I like to think of it as a savings account. If you want to have large amounts of enzymes in your account throughout retirement, eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible. One 16 oz smoothie is loaded with enzymes, it’s raw. When food gets turned up in heat, the enzymes are destroyed and your body will have to use up enzymes to digest and breakdown the food.

6) Green smoothies are filling!!!! There has been many times when I worked all morning and then hit the gym for a very intense workout. At the end of days like this I don’t have much time to eat and will have the biggest appetite when I get home. I like to have a green smoothie or 2 throughout the day to curb my appetite and keep me full!! Many think that would not work for them but you don’t know until you try!!!

7) Best pre & post workout & yoga nourishment!!! Before and after training, practicing, swimming, sweating, any activity… It’s important to feed our muscles and cells! They were just broken down and need to get replenished with healthy proteins, carbs, sugars, and fats.







8) Hydration!!! Fruits and veggies are contained with lots of water!! Most of the time when we think we are hungry, we are actually dehydrated. Drinking green smoothies will nourish and hydrate you at the same time!!!!

9) Great pre-gamer before parties and social events that will be serving other than best quality food! Isn’t the worst when your at an event, your hungry and they have not one option for you to eat?! Always ask for cut up veggies, fruit, salad, etc.. Some places are great at accommodating and some places just don’t get it. Having a green smoothie before or on your way to the event will keep you full and ok with saying no to foods that will not make you feel good.

10) Diminish cravings!!! Cravings are one of the biggest reasons people stop their diets. I’m sure you heard the saying, ‘listen to your gut’… Yeah, when your gut has greens, fruits, and veggies in there consistently, you will find that your cravings will change without you even trying! This will make your willpower so much stronger!! Have no excuses!! Get the body and the energy that you desire!!! Drink 1 green smoothie per day!!!! Yay!!

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