Watch this video to learn how to make Upgraded Carrot Ginger Dressing!


 The common statements clients tell me before we start working together is “I eat really healthy” and I totally get it! We make the healthiest choice that we have at that moment. 🙂 

When dining out at restaurants, many of us order salads because they are light, refreshing, and we feel like it’s the healthiest choice on the menu, Unfortunately, salad dressings are loaded with rancid oils, table salt, high fructose corn syrup (HFC), sugar, chemicals, and so on…

So how can we get all of the flavor & consistency of the dressings we want and upgrade to a healthier version at the same time? We substitute the unhealthy items for healthier ones! Instead of using Canola or Vegetable oil, use unrefined Coconut oil or high quality cold-pressed Virgin olive oil. Rather than sugar use honey, stevia, or fruit to add sweetness. Using real natural herbs can bring so many flavors to your dressings and marinades. Substitute table/kosher salt with sea salt! Learning about healthy upgrades can give you the inspiration of making anything you love! What’s your favorite salad dressing? 

More recipes to come!!

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