Marisa Pushup1

I love push ups!!! Especially after I learned how to do them fully and correctly! I recommend them for everyone… yes, girls included!

Push ups engage the entire body. If you don’t have much time for a full workout, a few sets of push ups will do your whole body good!!

How to do a push up:

  1. Come to all fours, hands and knees.
  2. Place palms strong into the floor, fingers spread, arms straight, shoulders rotating outward to open, shoulders over wrists, wrists parallel to front of mat.
    You may use your knees for beginner option. If that is how you are starting, bring your tailbone down towards knees and lift pubis bone up.
  3. Engage core, wrap lower ribs around abdominal wall, squeezing hips tight, inhale bring elbows out to sides, exhale push through floor and straighten arms.
  4. Do four sets of 10-15.

If you want to make it more challenging come into a plank, feet strong, inner thighs pulling up, hips tight, core engaged, same thing. Exhale down, inhale press through floor to lift back up. Try to keep the hips high in alignment with spine. Do four sets of 10-15.

This is all about getting stronger, better and being the best version of yourself!! I promise if you stay consistent this week and set 10 minutes aside to try, you will be amazed by the gains in strength!