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Hello Gorgeous!!! 

Here are a few SUPER EASY Beauty tips you can start incorporating every day to get that extra Beauty Glow, Sparkle, & BEAUTIFY from Within!! You ALREADY GOT IT so FLAUNT IT!!!

1) Water
Drink LOTS of it! First thing in the morning, start hydrating and flushing out the toxins. Increase the hydration in your cells and purify the crystals in your water with longevity crystals. It’s great for anti aging properties as well!

2) Aloe
Can be taken internally and externally. It’s super healing, nourishing and repairing!! Aloe can be filleted and put into smoothies, soups, and other recipes. The outer skin can be used as face and body masks. Aloe is a wonderful medicinal plant for healing burns, cuts, and skin irritations. It is also great for digestive and gut health! If you don’t have Aloe plants you can get the liquid here!

3) Body Brush
Dry brush your body before you get in the shower! Dry brushing stimulates the skin and increases circulation. It also increases lymphatic drainage and function, and improves the quality of your skin, eliminates dead skin cells and toxins, reduces cellulite, and will help tone!

4) Honey
Take it internally and externally! Honey is loaded with enzymes which are responsible for every chemical reaction in your body. They keep us young! Taken internally is great for your immune system, longevity and healing properties. Externally, you can use honey as a facial mask, and on skin irritations or burns. It’s one of my favorite ways to get that extra glow!

5) Lemon & Cucumber
Lemon is an astringent and wonderful for cleaning the liver. When your liver is clean, your skin glows, how healthy your liver is, is a direct reflection through your skin! Do you ever notice how alcoholics have rosacia or skin discoloration? Cucumber is made up of mostly water and is super hydrating. Silica is a mineral abundant in cucumbers. Silica is the building block for skin, tissue, hair, and nails! Straight up my FAVORITE beauty food on the Planet!!!

6) Inversions
Get upside down! Inversions are very effective and inexpensive way to enhance beauty, oxygen, and levity! There is always an opposite of everything so if feeling weighed down, try getting upside down to reverse the effects of gravity! This is the best way to have facial radiance, and plump the skin with fresh collagen! Inversions also keep the endocrine system in check which is responsible for the aging process! Try it your self and see how you feel! For some basic to advanced inversion postures, click here.

7) Clay
Beautify and refresh! Clay can be taken internally and externally, and is perfect for soaking in a bath! Clay is wonderful for detox, tightening the skin, fighting acne, blackheads, pimples, and minimizing pores. This treatment is over 4,000 years old and something Cleopatra did religiously as part of her beauty regimen. This is also a natural treatment for arthritis and skin ailments. This a super powerful facial and can be mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar for maximum benefits!!

8) Meditation
Quieting the mind reduces stress and increases happiness and well being! When we are stressed, you can see it all over through our facial expression. Some people crinkle their foreheads (which creates wrinky wrinkles… BOO) other people you can just see it in their eyes or other features, maybe even their posture.. So enhance your beauty by easing stress and fear!! Reset your mind!! Here is a short mediation to help with just this: Steam Spring water on face for 3-5 minutes daily.

9) Personal Expression
Accessorize, get your hair/nails done, wear clothes and colors that you LOVE and make you feel Comfortable and Great! 
We are so lucky that we have so many choices to express ourselves! Everyday is different so put yourself together based on how your feeling that day!!! 

10) Loving Intentions
When you put your products on your face, put it on with loving intentions! For example,
 “I love my skin,” “Thank you for my beautiful skin,” “I’m beyond grateful for my beauty,” “Thank you Mom and Dad for my look,” or “I Love every cell I’m made up of!” When applying lotions, do it in circular motions on forehead, around eyes, checks, lines by mouth, nose, and don’t forget about your neck! The circular motions enhances collagen and stimulates the cells as well!


Thank you for taking the time to get inspired to make it a Beauty Day today! Please share with all of your beautiful sisters! Beauty Sister Slumbers are so much fun! My Besties and I do it as much as possible!! We make hair masks, clay face masks, and make a super healthy beauty dinner together! It’s always such a healthy, fun, empowering night of  bonding together!! 

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